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Stairs and moving walks

Manufacturer of stairs and moving walks

The first escalators in the world appeared at the end of the 19th century. Today, after over a hundred years, they have become a good part of the urban landscape, becoming an inseparable element of various types of buildings and facilities.

The models we produce are solutions used almost everywhere. They are used not only in virtually all newly built supermarkets and shopping centers, but also in places where public space becomes less functional over time and requires renovation. Such facilities include, among others, banks, airports, railway stations and metro stations.

The proposed solution has many advantages – including faster movement between individual levels without physical effort, carrying a large number of people at the same time, and being a kind of signpost and means of orientation in large, crowded spaces.

Moving walkways – a practical alternative

However, our company, as a manufacturer of escalators, is aware that they are not entirely free from defects. The biggest one is the inability to use the stairs for people pushing shopping carts in shopping centers.

A functional alternative in such a situation are moving walkways, which our company also produces. Many shopping baskets have dimensions adapted to this type of horizontal transport devices, which makes it much easier to move around in crowded shopping centers.

Moving stairs

Techwind’s specialty is not only modern elevators, but also escalators. They are currently very popular in various types of facilities. Our activities are comprehensive – we deal with the production of modern solutions, as well as their assembly and service.

Security and functionality

Escalators are often chosen as a means of transport in newly opened shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, airports and railway stations, and many other places. The solutions we offer work well in virtually all commercial facilities because we adapt them to various architectural solutions and make them from the highest quality materials. Thanks to them, they are reliable and functional for many years. They can work around the clock and in high traffic areas. They can be adapted to very high lifting heights.

Modern design

Escalators should also be characterized by high aesthetics. Thanks to the original designs and great creativity of our specialists, we are able to create designer solutions that will be perfectly suited to various types of places. We invite you to cooperate.

Moving walkways

The moving walkways we produce are an excellent alternative to stairs and can positively affect the aesthetics and functionality of any building. We create modern solutions based on technological innovations and carefully selected materials and components, thanks to which our mechanisms are reliable for many years.

Why moving walks?

Because they are safe and comfortable, ensuring quick movement between floors of shopping malls, airports, stations and other utility facilities. The use of aluminum and stainless steel makes the mechanisms resistant to various types of mechanical damage and intensive use by many people. Their finishes are tailored to the individual needs of the customer and the character of the interior, which makes them fit perfectly into any space.

We offer both inclined and horizontal sidewalks – with technical parameters consistent with your expectations.

From design to installation

We invite you to cooperate – we work fully comprehensively, creating projects and installing fully professional solutions. After the work is completed, we also provide full service and maintenance of mechanisms.

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