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Service and modernization

Maintenance and service of passenger lifts

Techwind provides complete services from design to service and maintenance. Currently, we have over 600 elevators covered by the so-called program. constant maintenance. This includes both elevators manufactured by us as well as elevators from other manufacturers. 

We service elevators in accordance with the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection and, if necessary, we carry out the work necessary to adapt them to applicable standards and regulations.

As part of the service agreement with our client, we ensure that any type of crane is kept in constant operation and provide XNUMX-hour emergency elevator service. 

When servicing a specific elevator, we ensure ongoing inspections aimed at checking the operation of lifting devices and components in terms of safety and correct operation. As part of service and maintenance works, we conduct a thorough inspection of the technical condition of the drive unit, including controls, load-bearing elements and other elements. These works include, among others:

  • checking the condition of the load-bearing ropes and the speed limiter rope
  • checking actuators and components (in the case of hydraulic elevators)
  • checking security contacts
  • checking the operation and adjustment of the slack
  • checking the condition of the brake shoes
  • checking the condition of the rope suspension in the engine room, on the cabin and the counterweight
  • checking the condition of the pulleys and friction wheel
  • checking the oil condition in the drive unit bearings
  • checking the condition of cabin and counterweight guides
  • checking the condition of the grip apparatus
  • checking the operation of the test drive cassette
  • checking the operation of call and instruction cassette buttons
  • checking the bumpers in the windshield
  • checking the condition of the cabin equipment

We place great emphasis on the quality of our services and the operational safety of all our devices. We employ experienced and qualified conservators with the highest qualifications, including First Class, certified by the Office of Technical Inspection.

When servicing a given elevator, we ensure its complete service. We guarantee periodic inspections of elevators and their periodic inspection and acceptance in the presence of the Inspector of the Office of Technical Inspection.

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