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Platforms for people with physical disabilities

Platformy schodowe

Stair and vertical platforms for people with mobility disabilities

Techwind also offers various types of lifts, elevators and platforms for disabled people, thanks to which we are able to ensure the possibility of movement for disabled people between floors of buildings, while adapting the facilities to international standards related to the requirements regarding this issue.

The lifts we produce, marked with the symbol of a person sitting in a wheelchair, meet the requirements regarding cabin dimensions and door width intended for disabled people.

We adapt stair platforms for independent use by disabled people by placing call and instruction cassettes and handrails at the appropriate height. Additional cabin equipment options include control buttons marked in Braille and a sound signaling system (voice information). We also offer screw-drive cranes, which were designed for people who have difficulty overcoming differences in levels in public buildings.

Recently, we have also been offering lifts for disabled people with purely electric drive. As a manufacturer of these devices, we are able to adapt them to the specific requirements of each building.

Platforms for the disabled are perfect for health care facilities, schools, residential buildings, as well as in industrial facilities and warehouses as a small transport elevator. The design and assembly method make the stair platforms exceptionally useful for installation in existing and developed buildings, because the installation does not require any adaptation works apart from supplying 380 V power.

In accordance with European regulations (EEC Machinery Directive), the crane platform is equipped with control buttons measuring 75×55 mm, requiring constant pressure to move. Each stop is equipped with a call cassette.

The illuminated control panel is equipped with a stop button and a help button. In the event of a power outage, emergency battery power is automatically turned on, allowing you to call for help.

Bringing the elevator to the stop using a crank does not require any special qualifications. This can be done by any instructed person. To make it easier for people in wheelchairs to use the lift, the control panel is placed at an appropriate angle and is equipped with a handle.

Stair platforms for people with mobility disabilities

Techwind offers modern stair platforms for people with mobility disabilities. Due to the highest quality of workmanship and the use of innovative technologies, they meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. They allow you to easily move between building floors and climb a large number of steps. They work well in both private and public facilities.

Stair platforms that meet the needs of people with mobility disabilities

What makes our elevators popular among customers and meet their highest expectations? This is due to the solutions dedicated to their users – they can be used completely independently, and handrails and special call and instruction cassettes ensure safety and ease of use. All stair platforms available in our offer, thanks to high quality workmanship, allow each facility to be adapted to the needs of disabled people.

Application of stair platforms:

  • private houses and residential buildings,
  • health care facilities,
  • schools,
  • public facilities and companies,
  • industrial facilities and warehouses.

Installation and operation of stair platforms

The great advantage of the platforms offered to you is the simplicity of their assembly. This is due to the fact that there is no need to carry out a large amount of adaptation work in the building. Thanks to this, the platforms can be easily installed in existing facilities.

Operation is also trouble-free – the control buttons have dimensions in accordance with European regulations (EEC Machinery Directive). Additionally, the platforms are equipped with a stop and call for help button. The control panel is backlit and located at the right angle. In the event of a power failure, emergency power is automatically turned on.

Additional equipment is available, including:

• buttons adapted to the needs of visually impaired or blind people, marked in Braille,
• sound signaling system (voice information) for hearing-impaired people.

Vertical platforms for seniors and people with mobility disabilities

Techwind’s offer also includes vertical platforms, used wherever it is necessary to ensure safe movement for elderly people and people in wheelchairs.

Why vertical platforms?

  • They allow you to overcome architectural barriers in almost any building.
  • They have extensive equipment (including additional ones), allowing the purchase of a mechanism completely tailored to the individual needs of customers.
  • They make it possible to adapt the facility to international standards.
  • They are functional and comfortable to use.
  • their installation is simple and does not require modernization of buildings.
  • They can be installed in both newly constructed and existing facilities.
  • They are available in various configurations, which we adapt to customer requirements.

Universal elevators with modern designs

The solutions we produce are distinguished primarily by a large number of applications. We have large production capabilities, extensive technical resources and a qualified team of designers and constructors. We are able to create devices that work well in public facilities, private homes, as well as industrial buildings and warehouses (as small transport cranes). Moreover, the high quality of the materials used allows the mechanisms to be used not only inside buildings, but also outside.

Modern electrical mechanisms and the use of technological innovations make the solutions available in our offer reliable and completely safe for many years.

Freedom to move

The lifting height of the cranes is adapted to the individual needs of the client, and the solutions used are based on the requirements of a given building. Our mechanisms allow for safe and quick transport of people, and the comfort of movement results from the use of:

  • easy-to-use control buttons,
  • illuminated panel,
  • call and instruction cassettes,
  • emergency power supply, allowing you to call for help in the event of a power outage,
  • at the Customer’s special request – sound signals and instruction buttons marked in Braille.

We invite you to cooperate – we carry out orders from design to installation. We also provide service and maintenance services.

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