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Elevators in schools and universities

Techwind elevators – reliability and safety in the dynamic environment of schools and universities

Techwind is a company specializing in providing reliable lifting solutions for educational institutions that prioritize safety and accessibility. We are proud to announce that we have equipped renowned institutions such as the Gdańsk University of Technology, the University of Gdańsk and numerous schools and kindergartens with our glass passenger lifts.

Our elevators are not only extremely durable, but also safe and easily accessible for all users. We design them with the needs of people with disabilities in mind, providing wide doors, intuitive control panels and audio and visual notification systems. For the safety of children and teenagers, the elevators are equipped with advanced control systems, protecting against accidental closing of the doors and ensuring a smooth and stable ride.

We focus on the highest quality, which is reflected in the reliability of our devices. Our solutions are characterized by precise workmanship, making them perfect for the dynamic environment of schools and universities, ensuring smooth transport between floors.

Contact us to learn how we can tailor our elevators to meet the specific needs of your educational facility and create a safe, comfortable environment for all students and staff.

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Want to learn more about our lifting solutions? Contact our team, ready to answer your questions. We will make every effort to offer you the best solutions for your project.

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