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Elevators in museums

Passenger elevators in museums – reliability and safety in handling visitor traffic

Techwind is a leader in providing innovative and modern lifting solutions, ideal for cultural institutions.Our experience has resulted in equipment European Solidarity Center in Gdańskwith five elevators and escalators that smoothly handle the traffic of visitors. With attention to every detail, our elevators have also been installed in prestigious locations such as Water Crafts Museum in Gdańskand MIR Gdynia Aquarium, where they meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Reliability, our products are the result of the use of the latest technologies and innovative materials that ensure long-term and stable operation of the devices in all conditions. We perform rigorous durability tests at every stage of production to ensure that our elevators and escalators will stand the test of time, even in heavily used public spaces.

Security is a priority for us. Therefore, all our installations comply with international safety standards and are subject to regular technical inspections. Resistance to damage and failure is a key design element of our lifts, ensuring safe use by all visitors.

We are proud to support the accessibility of art and science by providing technologies that make it easier for every visitor to use museum spaces. Our elevators and escalators combine reliability with aesthetic design, perfectly matching the specificity of museum architecture. Thanks to this, we create a comfortable and safe environment that promotes knowledge and cultural exploration.

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