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Elevators in hospitals

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Reliability and precision for the special requirements of hospital elevators

Techwind hospital lifts – for precision, reliability and full functionality in the area of ​​lifts dedicated to medical facilities. Below you will learn more about our hospital elevators.

Techwind’s offer includes not only excellent passenger and freight elevators for public facilities, but also dedicated hospital elevators. Our devices are designed with the specific conditions of the hospital environment in mind, where reliability, precision and functionality play a key role.

In the case of hospital lifts, where users are often people with various levels of mobility disabilities, accuracy becomes a priority. Techwind hospital elevators are not only safe, but also easy to use for both patients and medical staff.

Adapting elevators in hospitals to individual needs

We understand that people in hospital often have mobility problems. Therefore, we make sure to properly adjust the height of the control box and handrail to ensure comfort and safety of use for patients in medical facilities.

Great Functionality for All Situations

Our hospital lifts are highly functional. They are used by people who move independently on their own, but also by medical staff transporting patients in wheelchairs, stretchers or hospital beds. Additionally, our elevators are equipped with a hospital ride function, ready for use in life-threatening situations.

Cooperation with Medical Institutions

Techwind is a partner of medical institutions such as: Infectious Diseases Hospital in Gdańsk, Naval Hospital in Gdańsk, Department of Diabetology, Medical University of Gdańsk, Polish Red Cross in Gdynia, Health Care Complex in Tczew and Specialized Health Care Center in Lębork.

Adapted to the needs of medical facilities

We understand that each hospital has different needs. That’s why we offer solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each facility. Our hospital elevators are designed and installed to optimize space, work efficiency and patient comfort.

Professional service and support from TECHWIND

Techwind not only do we supply elevators, but we also provide comprehensive service and technical support at every stage of cooperation. Our team of experienced specialists provides assistance from the concept of the project to its full implementation of elevators in hospitals.

Choose Techwind and trust professionals in the field of hospital elevators. Contact us today to learn more details and start working together!

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