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Elevators at stations

Elevators at stations – reliability and safety during intensive use

Techwind’s offer includes elevators that work great in public spaces. These lifts operate at railway stations, bus stations, airports and parking lots. Our elevators are not only means of transport, but also elements that define modernity, efficiency and comfort. Here’s why our elevators are so special:

Energy saving:

Our elevators are equipped with advanced energy efficiency solutions that reduce operating costs while maintaining high operating efficiency.

Design Personalization:

We create elevators that not only meet functional requirements, but also fit perfectly into the aesthetics of any station or airport. A wide range of personalization options includes various colors, shapes and materials, adapting to the expectations of our customers.

Low Noise Emission:

For us, user comfort is crucial. That’s why our elevators have been optimized for minimal noise emissions, resulting in a peaceful and pleasant travel experience.

Integrated Security Systems:

Safety is our priority. Our elevators are equipped with advanced monitoring systems and emergency lighting, ensuring safe evacuation if necessary.

Easy Operation and Maintenance:

Simple operation and easy maintenance are the features that distinguish our elevators. They ensure that lifting systems operate efficiently over a long service life, minimizing downtime.

Damage Resistance:

Our elevators are equipped with innovative finishing elements that are not only aesthetic, but also exceptionally resistant to damage caused by intense passenger traffic. The edges of our elevators are additionally reinforced to protect them against possible impacts from suitcases. This type of solution not only provides protection against damage, but also has a positive effect on the appearance of the cabins.

Intelligent “Anti Vandal” Finish:

The use of a special cabin finish makes our elevators more resistant to scratches, tears and other damage caused by intentional actions of third parties.

Endurance Tests:

Our elevators are subjected to rigorous durability tests simulating various use scenarios. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that our elevators will meet the most demanding conditions.

Ease of Repair and Replacement:

In the event of any damage, our lifts have been designed to be easy to repair and replace components, ensuring a quick return to full functionality.

Techwind opens the door to modern and reliable solutions in the world of transport. Contact us to learn more details and adapt our elevators to your individual needs!

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