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Elevators in public buildings

Passenger elevators and goods lifts for publicly accessible buildings intended to perform public functions.

Techwind specializes in designing and delivering unique solutions in the offer of passenger and goods lifts, which not only meet the highest safety standards, but also ensure comfort of use.

At Techwind, we recognize that every public space should be accessible to everyone. We believe that accessibility is the key to a better future for public buildings. Our solutions not only make everyday life easier, but also promote equality and counteract social exclusion of people with physical disabilities.

Our elevators operate in public administration, justice, culture, education and higher education, health care, social and welfare services, banking services, trade, catering, tourism, sports, post offices and passenger service in rail, road, air and water transport, and other publicly accessible buildings intended to perform public functions.

They ensure efficient communication between floors of multi-level buildings. Our cranes are equipped with damage-resistant components, including “Anti-Vandal” buttons with Braille. The cabins we offer are adapted to transport strollers and disabled people in wheelchairs.

A special place in our offer is occupied by hospital lifts, which are characterized by high functionality. The models we provide support patients and medical staff. Elevators are equipped with components used in life-threatening situations.

Our elevators also work in office buildings and hotels, where, apart from the functional features of the cabins, what matters is their appearance – most often tailored to the individual needs of customers. These elevators most often work in teams that, thanks to appropriate software, ensure quick operation and optimal consumption of electricity.

Why our elevators?

1. Precision Design
Our elevators are the product of precise design, based on advanced technologies. We offer individualized solutions that perfectly match the characteristics of a given building, regardless of its size or purpose.

2. Security
Our elevators were created to ensure both safety and comfort of travel. Solid finishes, Braille buttons and wheelchair access. Thanks to the latest safety standards, we provide peace of mind and confidence in everyday use.

3. Energy efficiency
We care about the environment! Our elevators are designed to minimize energy consumption. We use energy-saving technologies to reduce our impact on the environment.

4. Exceptional Comfort
Our elevators have been optimized for travel comfort, with an emphasis on smooth movement, low noise level and ergonomic design.

5. Customized Solutions
Our offer includes not only passenger elevators, but also a comprehensive approach to ensuring accessibility. We provide solutions tailored to various types of facilities – from stations and airports to retirement homes and hospitals.

We offer not only passenger elevators, but also cranes and platforms adapted to various needs. From small cargo lifts to wheelchair platforms, we have solutions for every type of public facility.

Our Departments of Specialization:

We offer a wide range of services related to elevators in public buildings:

  • Design and Installation: An individual approach to design and professional installation of elevators tailored to the needs of the building.
  • Modernizations and Maintenance: Elevator system updates and regular maintenance to ensure continued efficiency and safety.
  • Technical assistance: Our technical team is here to help you at every stage, from consultation to service.

Supplementary Offer:

  • Libraries and Archives: small cargo elevators with various capacities to facilitate transportation within facilities.
  • Nursing Homes, Hospitals: specialized platforms for people in wheelchairs, ensuring easy access and mobility.
  • Railway stations, airports, parking lots: passenger and car lifts, escalators and walkways, as well as platforms for the disabled, ensuring comfort and ease of movement.

We believe that our elevators are the future of mobility in public buildings. Join our mission to raise the standards of comfort, safety and efficiency!

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