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Large freight elevators – production plants, reloading companies

Passenger and goods lifts for industrial applications

We want owners of all types of facilities to be able to use our company’s services. That’s why our offer includes not only freight elevators for use in catering, hotels and other public facilities, but also large freight and passenger lifts for industrial applications.

A large cargo elevator is an ideal solution when it is necessary to transport large materials and production equipment. The elevators that you can find in our offer are perfect for shops, warehouses, factories and production halls. The variants available from us can be adapted to the customer’s needs and the nature of the facility in which they are to be installed.

Large electric freight and passenger lifts

All types of elevators should always be adapted to the needs and structural and technical capabilities of the building. Our offer of models for production plants and reloading companies includes both classic devices with an upper machine room and a side machine room.

A large electric freight crane usually requires the use of a machine room, which is mounted – as in the above cases – above or next to the shaft. However, there are situations when it cannot be located and it is necessary to use an elevator without a machine room. Our company, as one of the few, can also meet your needs in this area.

Below you can read the characteristics of individual elevators in terms of their purpose:

Large goods300 kg – 6000 kg0,5 m/s – 1,6 m/s and morewith machine room / without machine room
Goods and passenger cars100 kg – 6000 kg0,5 m/s – 1,6 m/s and morewith machine room / without machine roomni

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